10 things you need to know about Rabbits


8:30 am


30 minutes

To develop an appreciation of prey behaviour

To know what is normal, and abnormal for rabbits in the clinical exam

To know how to take a blood sample

Being able to carry out safe IV induction

Being able to intubate

To know how to examine incisors, and how to trim them

To know how to examine cheek teeth, and how to trim them

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About the Speaker

Richard Saunders

Richard Saunders

BSc (Hons) BVSc FRSB CBiol DZooMed (Mammalian) DipECZM(ZHM) MRCVS; RCVS Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (Mammalian); European Specialist in Zoological Medicine (ZHM); RWAF Veterinary Specialist Adviser

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BVA – British Veterinary Association

BVA – British Veterinary Association

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