10 things you need to know about Tortoises


9:00 am


30 minutes

For clinicians being challenged by any species or case, outside one’s comfort zone is challenging with a risk of causing stress, tortoises fit well into this scenario.  For starters tortoises are hypoikilothermic, as such they are unable to maintain their own body temperature, as such they are entirely reliant on their keeper to meet their basic husbandry needs.  For the clinician, being familiar with the needs of the species, a familiarity with common presentations, recognising normal and abnormal behaviour and responses and knowing what not to do wrong is all essential.  It is often said that 75% of exotic animal presentations are suffering a husbandry or management related condition.  It is only by knowing the normal needs of the species presented, knowing what questions to ask, that the clinician has a chance of honing in on the problem.  In this webinar, we will address common misconceptions, discuss how to address the commonest presentations and the presenter with share with you common tips and tricks to assist in achieving a successful and less stressful tortoise consult.

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About the Speaker

Dr Neil A Forbes

Dr Neil A Forbes

BVetMed Cert C&G Zoo Lic. DipECVZM(avian) FRCVS, RCVS Recognised Specialist Zoo and Wildlife (avian)

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