BSAVA Mentoring Scheme


9:30 am


In 2018 BSAVA launched a pilot independent professional mentorship scheme. This was designed as a small scale project in two cohorts of 12 mentor-mentee pairs. Training of both mentors and mentees was given, and each pair completed a formal contract prior to commencement. Through the year long trialĀ  regular reviews were undertaken.

The trial has been a success with all initial objectives met. As a resultĀ  a second pilot will be run in 2019-20.

This webinar will give an outline of the scheme and where it differs from other schemes, and will also provide some of the feedback from both mentors and mentees illustrating the benefits of a mentorship scheme to both parties.

About the Speaker

John Chitty

John Chitty

BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS

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