Endoscopic surgery


4:00 am


1 hour

Endoscopic surgery is an emerging field in veterinary medicine that allows procedures to be done in a minimally invasive way. The obvious advantages are the limited time of recovery, decreased pain and inflammation and the esthetic postoperative result. But is this technique worth our efforts? The often heard complaints including the speed of the procedure, the inability to touch the tissue, the increasing need for dexterity and decreased visualization are all serious objections to the application of this technique in general practice. This lecture will allow you to observe the pro’s and con’s of endoscopic surgery, will highlight some common early successes and also visualize complex procedures made easy by using this specific technique. After appropriate schooling, I can guarantee you, you will be hooked to do some procedures the endoscopic way!

About the Speaker

Jolle Kirpensteijn

Jolle Kirpensteijn

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVS and ECVS

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