The Remarkable World of the Honeybee.


4:00 pm


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Honeybees are highly evolved creatures that live complex lives in superorganism colonies. The Western Honeybee, Apis mellifera, has been on earth for 35 million years in this organised form and a further  90 million years evolving into this state. They are responsible with other specialised insects to pollinate one third of the food we eat.  Man has been using honeybees for honey for thousands of years but only “farming” them efficiently for last 170 years with the advent of the moveable frame. They face three major challenges with loss of habitat and food, pesticides and diseases. The most serious condition in recent times is the parasitic Varroa mite which has spread worldwide and transmits highly pathogenic viruses.

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About the Speaker

John Hill

John Hill

MVB MRCVS, President British Bee Veterinary Association

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