Kelly Shackleton

Kelly Shackleton

Kelly’s career spans around 18 years, starting in the UK in busy mixed practice and then moving to Australia, working as a locum in different parts of the country and different types of clinics, both
small animal, large animal and wildlife too. Kelly has worked in specialist hospitals working in surgery, oncology, ward nursing, ophthalmology and emergency. She then became head nurse of a department in a large referral hospital in Sydney, involved in training of other nurses and interns across the hospital.

Kelly then moved back to the UK a few years ago and after 6 months as a locum began working at The Animal Health Trust firstly as a ward nurse then as the ophthalmology nurse. I then took on a position at Langford Veterinary Services, University of Bristol helping to set up the department and furthering my interest in ophthalmology. Kelly has been very involved in training nurses and animal care assistants in ophthalmology patient care, including giving talks and writing protocols for both small animal and equine and becoming involved in giving a  lecture and helping with some practical training with the Nursing graduates also.

“The role of an ophthalmology nurse is so varied which I love and I have been very lucky to become involved with ophthalmology surgeries including conservation and zoo trips too!”

Webinars by Kelly Shackleton

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