How thinking positively makes life easier

Speaker: Lucy Whitehall

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How thinking positively makes life easier

Positive Psychology is the science of wellbeing and what it means to have a good life. Most people report that they are functioning well in life, but comparatively few are thriving. But what would life and work be like if we were thriving and flourishing rather than merely surviving?  Positive Psychology is a compelling  evidence based framework which offers practical tools we can use every day to boost our experience of flourishing. One fundamental driver in our life experience is the mindset we choose to adopt. We know through the concept of neuroplasticity that the brain can change throughout all stages of life. With repeated and directed attention, we can change a mindset that may be pessimistic or negatively biased to one which supports a more realistic and positive perspective.  People who generate more positive emotions and constructive perspectives in life have higher levels of psychological wellbeing, are more resilient, perform better and have stronger relationships.


Learning objectives:

  1. Learn how much influence we actually have over our personal wellbeing
  2. Understand how the brain can change itself
  3. Explore the construct of Fixed and Growth Mindset
  4. Appreciate the difference between positive thinking and positive emotions
  5. Learn simple tips from Positive Psychology on how to cultivate more positive emotion