Common conditions in european hedgehogs

Speaker: Bev Panto

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Common conditions in european hedgehogs

European Hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) are one of the most iconic British wildlife species, and the most commonly presented wildlife casualty to veterinary practices in the UK.  Many of the basic principles of small animal medicine apply but an understanding of the ecology, biology and idiosyncrasies of free living hedgehogs is essential to enable the effective decision-making and management of this species. This webinar aims to outline the basic approach to the species, as well as cover some of the more common conditions that are likely to be encountered in hedgehogs. It will cover handling, zoonotic risks, anaesthesia, diagnostic techniques, treatment options and much more.


Learning Objectives:


  • To understand the principles of wildlife medicine and rehabilitation as they apply to European Hedgehogs
  • To appreciate how to apply commonly used clinical techniques to European Hedgehogs
  • To be familiar with the common presenting conditions of European Hedgehogs
  • To be able to develop an appropriate treatment plan for a range of common conditions
  • To understand the risks associated with contact with Hedgehogs