Exploratory Laparotomy: A Guided Tour

Speaker: Stephen Baines

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Exploratory Laparotomy: A Guided Tour

Exploratory laparotomy is a commonly performed surgical procedure, both as a diagnostic test and also to allow surgical treatment to be applied. 


In order to gain the maximum amount of information from this procedure, the surgeon needs a good pre-operative evaluation of the patient, knowledge of the anatomy of the abdominal viscera, a consideration of the likely diagnoses and the surgical treatment likely to be needed to manage these, and a plan for what additional procedures, e.g. biopsy, feeding tube placement, drain placement might also be needed at the same time. 


This webinar will describe a logical anatomical approach to the exploration of the abdominal cavity to ensure that all the structures present are evaluated and to maximise the diagnostic information taken from this procedure. 



Five Learning Objectives:

After this lecture the delegates will be able to:

  • Decide when to perform exploratory laparotomy as a surgical procedure
  • Understand what instruments are need for this procedure
  • Develop a logical plan for exploration of the abdominal viscera
  • Under stand what additional procedures might be required at the same time

Perform appropriate and secure closure of a laparotomy wound