Feline lymphoma: a review and updates

Speaker: Douglas Thamm

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Feline lymphoma: a review and updates

This hour will discuss the basics of feline lymphoma diagnosis and staging, and clinical applications of new diagnostic techniques including flow cytometry, PCR for antigen receptor rearrangement, and serum thymidine kinase, and updates in treatment including differences between low grade and high-grade lymphoma, recent changes to CHOP-based chemotherapy that have been explored, and oral options for lymphoma therapy.

Learning Objectives

1) To become familiar with techniques and procedures for the diagnosis of feline lymphoma
2) To understand novel diagnostic and prognostic features for cats with lymphoma
3) To be able to discuss available treatment options and their relative effectiveness with owners
4) To distinguish the difference in treatment and outcome between low grade and intermediate-high grade feline lymphoma
5) To describe the role of radiation therapy in the management of feline lymphomas