Head and Neck Cancers in Cats: approaches and multimodal therapies

Speaker: Sue Murphy

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Head and Neck Cancers in Cats: approaches and multimodal therapies


Head and neck cancers in cats represent a diverse group of tumour types that can affect a diverse range of structures.  Complicating this, is the fact that a tumour of a particular histiotype can sometimes behave different biologically depending on location (the classical example being Squamous carcinoma).  The mainstay of therapy for head and neck cancer is surgery (+/-) radiotherapy.  Chemotherapy per se, is of little benefit in the majority of cases.  However, with the advent of better molecular techniques for understanding disease, some of the new, molecularly targeted drugs may become important in the management of such cases.  In this webinar, we will discuss:


  • Briefly, the major cancer types, their diagnosis and pathology
  • Treatment options and the use of multi-modal therapy
  • Novel approaches and horizon therapies

At the end of this webinar you should:


  • Have an appreciation of the common head and neck cancers in cats, with a specific focus on squamous carcinoma
  • Appreciate the value of accurate staging to institute the most appropriate treatment.
  • Understand the approaches and availability of multi-modal therapy and what can be achieved in practice or in collaboration with referral centres.
  • Know how to manage complications of therapy.
  • Appreciate the limitations of conventional treatments and know some of the newer emerging therapies.