How to diagnose Atopic Dermatitis?

Speaker: Natalie Barnard

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How to diagnose Atopic Dermatitis?

Pruritus is a common clinical presentation in general practice that can have many causes and can be frustrating for vets  and clients. This lecture will cover a logical approach to the pruritic dog. It will discuss various in house diagnostic tests that can be performed and aims to give practical tips for performing these tests.   By following a logical diagnostic plan it is possible to diagnose atopic dermatitis.  The purpose and role of allergen testing when investigating these cases will also be discussed.

Five learning objectives for viewers of the Presentation:

  1. Be able to formulate a logical plan of investigation for a dog presenting with pruritus.
  2. Feel more confident when performing in house tests and know the limitations of each test.
  3. Know the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis
  4. Have an understanding of the pruritus score and why this is useful when we assess pruritic patients.
  5. Understand when and why allergen testing is performed.