How to do Facebook in practice for the Practice

Speaker: Natalia Strokowska

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How to do Facebook in practice for the Practice

This presentation will focus on the important aspects of running Practice’s Facebook profile effectively and efficiently. Facebook activity and communication should be addressed with a plan, not as an ad-hoc action. Many can be overwhelmed by the social media, especially team members from the previous generations, but having a Millennial in your practice would be a great asset and a solution to your problem with finding the time for writing Facebook posts. Our clients expect us to be available, answering fast through a Messenger, replying to their comments and interacting with them. Social media mean to be social.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the idea of planning the social media strategy in advance
  • To realise what kind of information would be interesting for the client, not for the veterinary team
  • To prepare the communication consistent with the practice’s mission
  • To prepare the content that would help you gain new customers
  • To address global topics and create your viral content