How to investigate and treat Pseudomonas otitis?

Speaker: Natalie Barnard

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How to investigate and treat Pseudomonas otitis?

Otitis is a very common clinical presentation in general practice and can be a frustrating problem to treat especially if cases are recurrent.  Many organisms are implicated in otitis cases, but cases of Pseudomonas otitis are particularly challenging to treat due to the resistant nature of this organism and often require lengthy courses of treatment.  This lecture will cover the basic principles of investigating and treating an otitis case, but will focus on managing a Pseudomonas infection. Treatments that can be used to manage this condition will also be discussed, including products that can be used when the tympanic membrane is ruptured.

Five learning objectives for viewers of the Presentation

  1. Understand the difference between otitis externa and otitis media
  2. Understand the importance of performing in house cytology and how this can affect treatment choices
  3. Feel more confident when performing ear cytology
  4. Understand the importance of performing an ear flush
  5. Feel more confident when selecting treatment for a patient with Pseudomonas otitis externa/ media.