Initial approach to the patient in respiratory distress

Speaker: Lindsay Kellett-Gregory

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Initial approach to the patient in respiratory distress

Respiratory distress is a common emergency presenting complaint and may well be life-threatening. This webinar will review the approach to these patients covering important topics including assessment of the severity of respiratory distress, initial stabilisation techniques, as well as assessment of physical examination findings to narrow down the list of possible causes.

Learning objectives: Following this webinar, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognise small animal patients in respiratory distress in need of immediate assessment and stabilisation
  • Recognise signs of impending respiratory arrest in dogs and cats with respiratory distress
  • Consider how best to improve tissue oxygen delivery in the emergency setting to improve patient outcome
  • Discuss methods of oxygen supplementation, considering potential benefits and limitations of each technique
  • Use easily available physical examination parameters for patient assessment