Management of common pleural space diseases

Speaker: Lindsay Kellett-Gregory

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Management of common pleural space diseases

The pleural space is a common source of disease causing respiratory distress in dogs and cats. Prompt recognition of this as the likely cause, and rapid targeted stabilisation, is essential for a good outcome. This webinar will review the clinical clues leading to a diagnosis of pleural space disease as well as the subsequent management of these patients on an emergency basis. The indication and techniques for both thoracocentesis and chest drain placement will both be discussed, alongside pleural fluid analysis in a practice setting. The webinar will conclude with important updates and recommendations for the management of the some of the more common causes of pleural space disease in dogs and cats.

Learning objectives: Following this webinar, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognise a patient with pleural space disease and provide logical differential diagnoses
  • Describe the technique for thoracocentesis in a patient with respiratory distress
  • Understand how best to analyse any pleural effusion obtained from thoracocentesis
  • Understand when to consider chest drain placement and describe the technique for MILA chest drain placement
  • Apply updated information regarding the management of common causes of pleural space disease to their own clinical patients