Medical treatment of ear conditions

Speaker: Klaus Loft

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Medical treatment of ear conditions

The second of 2 hours on ear disease management of dogs and cats will discuss the management of chronic secondary bacterial, yeast, mixed infections as well as allergic otitis externa & media in relation to feline and canine ear pathology, etiology, diagnosis. We will go over how to use the clinical diagnostic techniques like cytology, cultures and susceptibility, various forms of otoscopy, imagining to determine the proper clinical medical management options, topical and/or systemic.

Ear surgery will be covered elsewhere in the conference

Learning Objectives

1) To become familiar with of feline and canine otic secondary infectious causes and its treatments (topically, systemically)
2) Cover common treatment pit falls seen in both general and referral practice and steps to avoid them.
3) To be able to discuss available treatment options and their relative effectiveness with owners and the importance of follow up
4) To give practitioners better arguments and ways in the management of  chronic feline and canine otitis problems