Unusual small mammals

Speaker: John Chitty

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Unusual small mammals

This presentation will cover some of the more unusual small mammal species seen in practice. The species range is growing and with changes in the Dangerous Wild Animal Act a few years ago is changing ever-faster. The main emphasis of the presentation will be on some of the more common diseases, but a basic guide to natural history, husbandry and diet will also be covered as these can have a profound effect on the incidence of disease. The species covered will include skunks, pygmy hedgehogs, sugar gliders, degus and prairie dogs

Learning objectives

  • to understand the range of small mammals being kept
  • to understand some aspects of the diet and husbandry of these species
  • to understand the social groupings of these species
  • to learn some of the more common diseases seen in these species
  • to understand some of the special considerations regarding anaesthesia and surgery of these species


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