Uveitis. It’s a clinical sign, not a diagnosis!

Speaker: Ron Ofri

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Uveitis. It’s a clinical sign, not a diagnosis!

Often, anterior and/or posterior uveitis is simply a manifestation of a systemic disease. It may also be secondary to cataract (in dogs), neoplasia (in elderly patients) and corneal disease. Though some cases may be idiopathic, a diagnosis of uveitis mandates a thorough investigation to uncover the primary cause. Prompt treatment is required, as complications resulting from uveitis may lead to blindness. However, treatment without proper diagnosis will usually result only in temporary relief, and may very well endanger the patient’s life as a potentially grave systemic condition is not diagnosed.



By the end of the lecture you will:


  • Understand the pathogenesis of uveitis, and why we call it an “ocular lymphadenopathy”
  • Know the causes of canine uveitis
  • Know the causes of feline uveitis
  • Learn how to diagnose uveitis
  • Learn how to treat uveitis